Winning in the Age of Bohonomics

Micro and Macro Trends Created by Boho Queens and Kings

It is not easy to define who is having a bohemian personality. Actually we can say that some people are obvious bohemians and some others are not so obvious bohemians. The borderline between these two social groups is in transition. New social micro trends tell about new social changes. Mark J. Penn has studied micro trends. Good examples of such micro trends according to him are in the U.S.:

  • People are retiring but continuing to work.
  • Teens are turning to knitting.
  • Geeks are becoming the most sociable people around.
  • Women are driving technology.
  • Dads are order than ever and spending more time with their kids than in the past.

These micro trends are interesting and there are many other micro trends too. They indicate that society is changing and new behavioral models are going to be more popular. We can identify many new micro trends in the field of love, sex and relationships. Work life is also an interesting field of new micro trends as well as race and religion.
Some people also create new micro trends in the very special fields of health and wellness, family life, politics, teen culture, food and diet, lifestyle, money and class, looks and fashion, technology, leisure and entertainment, education, international relations and so on.
Micro trend research and trend spotting analyses are revealing a new frontier of societal development: The colorful boho culture with creative lifestyle solutions. Mark J. Penn, the man who first identified “Soccer Moms” as a crucial constituency in President Clinton´s 1996 reelection campaign, identified in his book “Microtrends – The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow´s Big Changes” about 70 new micro trends. There are relatively small patterns of behavior in our culture – which can wield influence on a global scale.
Thus, there are many new micro trends emerging indicating one big thing. People tend to have more bohemian lifestyles in many arenas of the society. Many people are thinking “in a different way” creating micro trends. Bohemian lifestyle is not any more for artists and scientists. Bohemian ways of thinking is now “normal” also in many other segments of life. There is not anymore the “big society” with strong macro trends although some tend still to believe so, for example in the United Kingdom, where Conservative Party had a Big Society Plan as the flagship policy idea. There is a colorful society of small micro trends. This is actually a new fresh issue in social and cultural research fields.
What can we say about the impact of new emerging micro trends? We can say say that we are more and more living with very personal boho kings and queens. They create often new ideas of life and then many others will follow them. They are also trend creators.
First trend is micro-level trend and soon it can be macro level trend. Because of Internet and digital revolution these micro trends have a huge potential to be also macro trends.

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