Winning in the Age of Bohonomics

The New Bohemians – The Game Changers

Yes, we want to be free.
Yes, we want to create.
Yes, we want to do what we feel passionate about.

And we are many.

Change starts never as a water-fall. Change starts from small bubbles. It emerges from those tiny movements in grassroots. From a susurrus in the willows.

Microtrends. Weak signals. Weak connections. Seeds of change. Signs of a new era where humansize is the new economics.

People want to become who they are – who they were born to be. They want to live, work and act like the Bohemians. Free and creative.

They want to win with their own unique talents and follow the mission that strikes a chord with their values. They want awesomeness instead of strongholds.

The New Bohemians are the future, they invent the future. 

Bohobusiness is a blog. It will grow into a book.  Boho is a new way to look at business. It is an eyeopener and a ticket to the outside of the box. Boho shares a new visions how a world, where the Bohemian attitude is the key to excellence, looks like.

The authors Jari Kaivo-oja “The Academic” and Cristina Andersson “The Bohemian” are experienced in studying the future and in creating ideas, inventions and innovations.

Jari and Cristina will meet the gurus, the leaders, the artists, the influencers who have the Bohemian code in their DNA. And they will share their knowledge, ideas and wisdom  to transform the Bohemian energy into a winning business.

They also want to communicate with you. You are warmly welcome to comment the blog, follow Bohobusiness on Twitter or join the conversation on Facebook.


What is life?

It is the flash of a firefly in the night.
It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.
It is the little shadow which runs across
the grass and loses itself in the sunset.
– Crowfoot, chief of the Canadian Blackfoot tribe 

***** . order to maintain your Bohemian status, you must walk to the beat of your own handmade drum...



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