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Cristina – The Bohemian

Cristina, you should develop your singing to a professional level. It is really possible for you now,” the teacher said.

While it wasn’t an invitation to open a show at the Carnegie Hall, it might as well have been. After all, in this day and age in which we appreciate youth, and when new media business gurus are past their prime at 30, Cristina Andersson was a fish going upstream.

She took one of her many talents, started taking singing lessons at 30, and had, through her perseverance, and dedication, and never-say-die attitude, reached a point where she was no longer just a woman with a great voice.

Oh, they told her she was too old. They told her she just didn’t “have it”, and that there was no way she would ever get it.

That was like pouring gasoline in the fire.

Of course it wasn’t easy. She wasn’t just a strange looking bird living with ducks who, suddenly, one day, realized she had been a swan all along. She worked hard. She heard the most wonderful music inside her head, but what came out were the tears of frustration. But she swallowed those tears – every one of them – until she reached her goal.

Through it all, learning has brought me incredible joy. Sometimes there have been baby steps, sometimes huge leaps,” she says.

She realized that when you truly want to win you will win, so she wrote a book about just that. Winning. “The Winning Helix – The Art of Learning and Manifesting Your True Potential” helps people coach themselves to become winners in their lives. She also worked with a Finnish top division hockey team to further expand her understanding of what makes people win.

Cristina found such exultation in singing that now she wants to teach the whole world to sing. Together with a team of great professionals she initiated The Swing – the learning movement to Swing To Win.

My passion is learning and helping others to learn – not only about knowledge and cognitive processes but also about themselves, their passions, feelings, intentions,” she says.

Bohemians do not simply go with the flow. Bohemians listen to their hearts. Rules? Yeah, they’re not for the Bohopeople.

Cristina wants to help people find their own unique way of living, and to be their own unique beings.

Free, like the Bohemians.

I’d like to help people feel the exhilaration of being alive, and show them that they, too, can make their dreams come true,” she says.

No, she sings it.


Cristina Andersson is an award winning and highly professional expert of learning and coaching. She is a WinCoach, visionary and an energy mobiliser, a true renaissance woman, who has studied her topics widely through classical singing, inventorship, ice-hockey and participating in social activities. She is a teacher, trainer, a business consultant and a pioneer in social networking online. Cristina is an active blogger. Her books include ie. The Winning Helix (in English and in Finnish), a book of poems and BohoBusiness.

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