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Jari – The Academic

Mr Jari Kaivo-oja is the Adviser of CMI´s (Martti Ahtisaari Centre) R&D unit. His special fields are foresight methodologies in conflict management, global foresight and international economics.

Before joining the CMI Jari worked as the Research Director in Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku. He worked at Turku Science Part in the Electro City Building.

Jari received his licenciate and doctorate degrees from the University of Tampere. His research interests are in the fields of foresight and innovation research. Special topics of research are global sustainability challenges and associated evaluation research, knowledge society, innovation media/journalism, ubiquitous technology (r)evolution, creative industries and development studies.

He has worked as a foresight expert for the European Union in the FPs, for the European Foundation, for the Nordic Innovation Centre (NIC), for the European Parliament, for the Eurostat and for various companies and corporations. In 2011 he was visiting scholar at Stanford University. He has participated to the operations of the Thematic Network of European Sustainability Strategy and the COST A 22 (foresight methodologies) programme.

He has published widely and has been reviewer for Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Long Run Planning, Futures, Energy Policy, and form many other scientific journals. He is currently working for the Academy of Finland as project manager and for the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation TEKES. He is also blog writer of the Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA. Mr Kaivo-oja has been advisor and expert in many scientific workshops, projects and associations, among others for the European Science Foundation (ESF) and for the IPTS Seville of the Joint Research Centre (JRC).


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