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DIY – A Bohemian Lifestyle

Great artwork and handicraft – or artisanry – are in the very heart of the Bohemian Culture.  We have seen pictures of beautiful and extremely skillful embroideries, laces and knitwear. Artisanry is a growing trend. Sudip Dutta, the founder of Aporv – Empowering Artisans and Promoting Culturally Rich Art Forms via eCommerce says there are 23+ million artisans in India. Based on the amount of  artisans in India, the number of them worldwide must be enormous.

German journalist and the digital boheme Holm Friebe wrote 2008  “The end of mass production is in sight. Its demise is a creeping guerilla movement inspired by self-initiative and self-organization. This new type of production recognizes the value of human work and the dignity of the producer. It will change the landscape of more than just our economies.”

We cannot reverse the course of globalization or stop the development of artificial intelligence. But what we can do is to develop our abilities to do what the robots can not do and use the tech to our benefit – of which the least is not the opportunity to connect with interesting and likeminded people worldwide.

DIY do-it-yourself is a trend, perhaps a megatrend that extends not only to handicraft and home equipments. DIY can and it will and it has also bring about great business opportunities. Often in greenfields where there are outstanding chances for remarkable benefits and revenues. In 70’s a few people gathered together in a club called “The Homebrew Computer Club”. Two of the members were Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Well, I do not need to say more.

DIY extends more and more to all areas of our life. The technology provides us with new tools to help ourselves with health and well being. Participatory Medicine will help more and more people to cure from disease and injury.

As a Vice President of an Inventor’s Association I oftentimes hear the inventor’s complain about how difficult it is to get instutional funding for the inventions. The problem is that if the invention is really great and groundbreaking, the institutions have very little abilities to understand the invention. Actually if they did, the invention wouldn’t be especially radical. A Homebrew Club would be  a solution for inventor’s too. A place where the brains meet to find solutions that money cannot buy. In that sense our association,  “Inventor’s Factory” aims to be such a place.

So, we are writing a book to help the people win in the world where robots get more and more intelligent with capacities to learn and express emotions. A machine can write books too, we naturally hope that humanwritten literature will hold it’s position because of it’s creative, visionary, deep, meaningful, artistic and insightful content. In other words writing is a part of the DIY trend!

My writing process includes times when I need to concentrate on learning new material. The most effective way for me to learn is to listen and at the same time do something with my hands. So I crochet. During the time of writing the BohoBusiness my aim is to crochet a half curtain to my mother in law. Here’s is a pic of the first half. I am sure the robots can do the same and even better but what they cannot do are the mistakes and pitiful attempts to repair them afterwards. The imperfections make the curtain personal and I hope that in her summer house the mother in law thinks sometimes of me, her ex daugther in law. Besides, hand-made is luxury.

The first half of the half curtain that Cristina crotchets for focus and therapy during the writing process of the BohoBusiness.

Source: Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think Highly recommended reading!

by Peter H. Diamandis , Steven Kotler


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